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The Best Summer Activity for Kids in Rancho Cucamonga: In-Home Guitar Lessons

It's that time of year again!

School is out and if you don’t get your kids involved with a summer activity or program you know there’s a real possibility of their brains being hijacked from watching too much Netflix. The struggle is real.

We’re all too familiar with the challenge of balancing home and work life when kids are home all day. Leave it up to them and they’ll happily plunge into Fortnite and Apex Legends gaming marathons while eating snacks like it’s their job. Yes, good hand-eye coordination is valuable, but we all know video games aren’t the answer. Sorry kids!

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Choosing a summer activity for kids that’s fun and keeps their minds sharp is KEY. Done right, it doesn't have to take a lot of planning, scheduling, and running around town. Yes, day camps are great but usually only last a couple weeks and many times cost an arm and leg. Arranging rides back and forth can also be a Tetris Game all on its own. You have three months to fill! Let’s put our heads together.

Ever considered guitar lessons in your home?

This summer activity for kids checks all the right boxes! Guitar lessons keep kids learning and Active all summer. Developing a new skill is fun and not to mention, rewarding. Lessons can most definitely be planned around your schedule as well. So, what's not to love, Right? If you live in the Rancho Cucamonga or Upland areas give summer guitar lessons a whirl. Read on to learn why guitar lessons most definitely can be the best summer activity for kids.

Summer Guitar Lessons Keep Kids Learning

Learning to play any instrument stimulates the brain in countless ways. Studies have shown that memory improves, motor skills, reading levels as well as training the ear will activate parts of the brain that might otherwise have had the summer off. The best part is, they’ll be having so much fun with guitar, that they won't even think of it as learning. Playing guitar is a cool way to spend the summer. Not to mention skills required to learn guitar, like reasoning and memorization, work well in math and science too. Keeping kids busy learning during the summer will make next school year that much smoother of a transition. 

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A Summer Activity for Kids that Builds Confidence

Every kid could use a little confidence boost. Being young and navigating the social world is challenging for everyone. Why not choose a summer activity for kids that helps boost their self-esteem? It's hard not to feel good about yourself and your abilities when you can do this:

Guitar Lessons Rancho Cucamonga

Of course, the first summer of guitar lessons might not lead straight to playing Despacito perfectly, but we at RC Music Lessons definitely make performance targets for both of our biannual music concerts. This experience allows them to build confidence, re-ignite inspiration and showcase their new abilities on a continuous basis. Summer guitar lessons get them ready for the much-anticipated fall concert. So when they go back to school, they’ll have a new swagger in their step and be ahead of the game. 

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A Summer Activity for Kids that Fits Your Schedule

We've all been there. Work ends at 5 while one child needs to be picked up from camp at 4 and the other from swimming lessons on the other side of town. Not to mention, dinner needs to magically be made as you simultaneously hear the dog whimpering to be let out. The fact that anything gets done at all is a testament to the strength of every functioning parent.

This is another reason in-home guitar lessons is the best summer activity for kids. Lessons take place in your home, after you’ve picked the day and time. Our guitar instructor shows up at your doorstep as you finally get time to conquer your ‘To Do’ list. It's as simple as that. No more running across town to the music store for lessons...Ever. Your child has a regularly scheduled lesson and you have your new found freedom! 

Another benefit to a weekly guitar lessons is that it doesn't exclude other activities. Day camps are still an option. Guitar lessons are affordable enough that you can still budget in other fun summer activities. You're free to plan day trips to the beach, museum, or zoo. Your child can practice what they've learned at any time during the week. Practice before bed each night or first thing in the morning. You pick, because it doesn't matter as long as it gets done. This summer activity for kids is all about flexibility. Everyone wins.

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Summer Guitar Lessons in Rancho Cucamonga & Upland

Now that you know guitar lessons are the best summer activity for kids it’s time to find an instructor. This is the easy part! RC Music Lessons has Highly Trained guitar instructors with years of playing and performance experience. Guitar lessons are fun, engaging and there are special programs for beginners all the way to advanced players. Each student is assessed, and a lesson plan is developed to fit his or her learning style. Learning to read music and Ear training are also great aspects of the program.

Lessons are done in your home, at a time that works for your schedule. Keep the kids busy and fill your house with beautiful guitar music this summer!

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