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We Believe in Giving You Access to the Highest Quality, In Person, Music Lessons, in the Convenience of Your Own Home.

While studying music in 2 separate countries, being taught by the best in the business from a Movie Score Grammy Award Winner, Juilliard Masters and attending a music conservatory while other peers were hanging out with their friends, many thought their ambition was a little much.

By the year 2000 it became very apparent that convenience without sacrificing the quality of conservatory like music lessons wasn't available locally. 

From then on, Roger and Kimberly have spent nearly 2 decades refining and defining an effective program for students, that offers an All Inclusive, step by step music system that's woven into each and every in home piano and guitar lesson. 

During this time, a hand picked team of highly qualified music instructors were trained with our system and program. This ensured all instructors would meet the highest of standards in regards to giving the best in home piano and guitar lessons locally available.

Private guitar lessons rancho cucamonga


Guitar lessons in upland NO rushing to drive to music lessons. They're in the comfort of your own home.

Guitar lessons in upland NO waiting in your car or waiting room for 30 minutes.

Guitar lessons in upland NO more loading all the kids in the car for 1 childs' music lesson.

Guitar lessons in upland NO wasting 30 minutes driving to and from the lesson.

                                 .    .    .    .    . 

In home guitar lessons rancho cucamonga YES, you now have time to prep dinner.

In home guitar lessons rancho cucamonga YES, you can help your other kids with their homework.

In home guitar lessons rancho cucamonga YES, you can catch up with office work, emails or phone calls.

In home guitar lessons rancho cucamonga YES, you have time to do laundry.

In home guitar lessons rancho cucamonga YES, you can do at home yoga.

'Our intention is to bring out the musical individuality of each student when they play piano. Music is a language that can be expressed in so many ways once the fundamentals are learned. By keeping the lessons fun and interesting creates a foundation of accomplishment and confidence that will stay with them forever.' 

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