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Guitar Lessons: How to Find the Best Guitar Teacher

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There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning to take guitar lessons. The first, and most important step, is choosing the best guitar teacher. There are some great guitar players that have never even had lessons, however they’re the minority. Learning to play guitar takes a level of patience, dedication, and focus that doesn’t naturally occur for most. Guitar can have its challenges within the learning process (like anything else), however, the rewards and memories that come from it are worth every note. A great instructor teaches you to understand the guitar rather than just play it. There's nothing wrong with needing a little guidance. Quality guitar lessons lead to becoming a musician that plays guitar instead of someone that once tried to learn.

Are Guitar Lessons Right for You?

Playing any instrument is a great way to bring people closer together at special occasions, make new friends, explore creativity and sharpen the mind's ability to learn other subjects. With the right instruction, there’s no such thing as too young or old to take guitar lessons. If you, or your child, are interested in learning to play guitar then as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.’ So what are you waiting for?

Of course, there are other ways to learn to play guitar, but they’re much less effective. Most people that attempt self-instruction, end up with a guitar collecting dust in the corner. The desire to learn to play guitar is only the beginning. Guitar lessons take that desire and shape it into a new skill. A skill that’ll provide a lifetime of enjoyment, entertainment, and satisfaction. If those things sound good to you then it's time to find the best guitar teacher near you.

Find a Guitar Teacher Near You

There are online guitar lessons and enough YouTube tutorials to last a lifetime. The problem with these methods is that they don't ask anything of you, so the learning process is much slower. They don't have a lesson plan and certainly can't give you any feedback. How can you make sure your hands are always in the correct position or that your notes are played cleanly? The best guitar teachers will do both things and much more. They hold you accountable and know when you haven't been practicing or progressing as you should. One of the perks of having a great guitar teacher, is many times, they become a pivotal mentor and true friend.

Guitar Lessons Upland

What about the teenager next door that has an electric guitar and big dreams? Or maybe your cousin that plays around the campfire at family gatherings? This might work if these future guitar heroes have had instruction and know how to teach guitar. Most likely, the guitar lessons will lack structure and focus resulting in that same dusty guitar in the corner. Taking guitar lessons from a great instructor will allow you to play with your neighbor and your cousin. These personal relationships will only be enhanced because you took the initiative to find the best guitar teacher.

Life gets busy and committing to regular guitar lessons requires time and effort. If you’re planning on having your child learn to play guitar then find an instructor that comes to your home. Avoid driving to a music store or someone's studio and instead bring the guitar lessons to you. The convenience alone outweighs any cost and most good guitar instructors know time is crucial when it comes to a family’s busy schedule. 

Did You Find the Best Guitar Teacher?

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You know it is time to take lessons. You found a few guitar instructors in your area that will come to your home. How do you know which one is the best? Here are some things that the best guitar teachers share.

7 Qualities of the Best Guitar Teachers

  • Dedication to their craft. The best guitar teachers have been playing for years.
  • A professional approach and attitude toward music instruction.
  • A firm grasp of music theory and the ability to apply it to all genres.
  • Patience, patience, patience.
  • A Flexible lesson plan tailored to each individual student. 
  • Performance experience. Let's face it, you're not learning to play for yourself!
  • Firm but forgiving with the ability to foster results and push students to be their best.

Enjoy the Rewards of Guitar Lessons

That's it! Now you know how to get the most out of guitar lessons by choosing the best guitar teacher. The rewards are on their way! Whether you're learning for fun or dreaming of performing at Madison Square Garden one day, choosing the best guitar teacher will have you on your way in no time. The possibilities are limitless with the desire to learn guitar and a skilled instructor. Enjoy a lifetime of musical bliss!

Guitar Lessons in Upland

If you're in the Rancho Cucamonga or Upland areas, contact us and we'll set you up with our fabulous guitar instructor, Sebastian. He fits the criteria above and goes well beyond. His playing is masterful, and his guitar instruction is top notch. He can set any student on the path to lifelong guitar success and enjoyment. And, of course, he'll come to your home for guitar lessons!

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