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 'You guys at RC Music really are making an impact on people. You're changing the world, one student at a time. It's amazingly admirable!😊Thank you so much for your continuous kind words, awesome lessons and everything you've done for Harper!'                                                                      . Lynn H., Rancho Cucamonga

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 'We always enjoy the concerts and Bella gets inspired with the other students and pushes her to be better. Thank you guys for all that you do and what you put into these concerts. I know it's a lot of work. We appreciate it!! God Bless!'                                                      Monica V., Fontana                                                

 'Thank YOU for putting so much heart and effort into everything you do and bringing so much cheer of music to the seniors. You guys have been such a blessing in Michael's life❤️ Thank you again!'                                      Elva H., Fontana                           

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 'I really appreciated the level of professionalism yet warm welcome and gratitude the RC Music Lessons team gave to all the kids at the recital. Well done!'          Greg K., Sierra Madre

 'In the decade that I have taken lessons with Roger at RC Music Lessons, I have been continually impressed with his intelligence, his compassion and his knowledge. I cannot recommend anybody higher.'                         Steve H., Norco

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 'With a 5 and 7 year old primarily interested in playing outdoors or with their toys, RC Music Lessons created not only an interest for my kids to learn how to play the piano, but other instruments as well. Rogers passion for music and teaching even inspired me to learn how to play the guitar at 37. It's never to late to learn! 
Roger is always patient in teaching how to read and play music. He tailors every lesson to his students and develops realistic goals that have proven successful in a short time. 
It doesn't get better then RC Music for private music lessons! With a very busy and ever-changing schedule, Kimberly is always patient and understanding when we need to reschedule lessons. She is an absolute pleasure to work with! We look forward to a growing knowledge of playing the piano and guitar as well as working with the RC Music team in our music adventure. Thank you RC Music Lessons!'                                Ozzie C., Upland

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 Having grown up with music, I wanted my kids to learn as well. RC Music is wonderful in teaching them the basics as well as cultivating an appreciation and love of music.  They have even started to practice daily on their own!  It's also important that he is able to come to our home due to having another child (special needs) who gets therapy at home.’               Joanne K., Corona

 'My neighbor recommended RC Music Lesson to me because I was looking for a music teacher for the kids. He was teaching her 8 year old daughter and told me how much she liked him and how great he is with kids. Everything she said was true. I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old. He is wonderful with them. Very patient. The way he teaches them keeps them interested and curious to learn more. My children are picking up music very quickly and enjoy it. I highly recommend!'                                                              Lisa P., Upland

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  'The team at RC Music have been fabulous to work with. They are always so willing to accommodate our busy and hectic schedule. The kids genuinely enjoy the specific approach to piano lessons and are doing so well. They have come a long way in the short time they have been taking lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend RC Music to anyone. They are incredibly professional, easy to work with and the instruction is phenomenal.'                      . .                                          .                      .Lauren C., Rancho Cucamonga

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 ' I studied child development in high school and college and from those studies I knew, that when I had children, I wanted them to learn to play music, most importantly to learn to READ  music. I learned how beneficial playing and reading music is on the growing brain and on any brain really.

When my boys were 8 and 10 years old, we had the opportunity to buy a keyboard piano. Right away, I started to research piano teachers in the area and was so pleased to find RC Music Lessons. Their focus is teaching students to read music, not just play songs. I saw a video of Roger (our piano teacher) where he compared, exercising your brain with music as you do your body with sports.

(Roger was also a soccer coach). I really liked that, since we are an active family and know the importance of keeping our bodies healthy through eating right and exercising. Feeding our brains is just as important. Our kids took to Roger and learning the piano seamlessly and really enjoy it. Roger has a way of teaching them progressively, he builds on what they are learning and what they know. He has them write music as well as sends them videos to help them practice.

It has been two years of weekly lessons with Roger and we couldn't be happier with the on going results. I love to hear their music playing throughout the house as they practice and I especially love when they can pick up a sheet of music and play it.

Kimberly, does the scheduling and handles the business part of their company and is amazing to work with. She is very thorough, organized and does her best to accommodate schedules. I feel like we found a gold mine with this company.

Roger and Kimberly are awesome, the price is right, and WHAT!!?? the lessons are done in your own home?!

You don't have to rush to make your appointment or sit in your car or a waiting room. You can be at home, while your other children do homework, you fix dinner or just get other things done. Win, Win, Win! I am obviously very happy with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn to play music. '                                                                   Keri P., Rancho Cucamonga